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Originally Posted by Colt-45 View Post
To me a sporting firearm is any gun that isn't evil looking and is somewhat accepted by the moderate antis such as: Bolt action hunting rifles(hunting), 22 long rifles(target practice), break open and pump shotguns(trap and skeet). A lot of the moderates think that those are what the 2A is all about and feel comfortable with those types of firearms. Don't say you own an AR or AK because those are assault weapons and they are bad!
There is no factual basis for that line of thinking. The founding fathers were talking about weapons that would be able to resist or overthrow tyranny. They were referring to modern military arms. Recent Supreme Court rulings have confirmed that the right to have arms is an individual right. Especially the most popular firearms in wide distribution. The left continues to wrongly believe that only "sporting guns" should be in the hands of citizens, but nowhere was that thought on the minds of the founding fathers.
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