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Originally Posted by Colt-45 View Post
To me a sporting firearm is any gun that isn't evil looking and is somewhat accepted by the moderate antis such as: Bolt action hunting rifles(hunting), 22 long rifles(target practice), break open and pump shotguns(trap and skeet). A lot of the moderates think that those are what the 2A is all about and feel comfortable with those types of firearms. Don't say you own an AR or AK because those are assault weapons and they are bad!
thanks. this is what i was looking for.

ive been reading a bunch of the paranoia 2A threads and was curious to see how would the public or liberals view the evil looking rifles (non traditional wood stock) as a modern sporting rifle?

i also originally thought that sporting rifles are technically just hunting, trap/skeet and competition matches. i never really thought of plinking paper/steel targets as a sport because im not really physically moving around

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