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Default SKS vs. AK. I actually like the SKS better. :eek:

After having and using a Romy G AK and a Polish Tantal and these recent Chinese Type 56 SKS, I have to say that the SKS seems to be better in every aspect. They are reliable, lack stamped parts, are just as accurate and just as rugged. I think they feel a lot more solid and the trigger is appreciably better. The SKS doesn't use detachable mags, but with stripper clips you can load them pretty quick. The safety is a lot more ergonomic. I would guess that the major factor making the AK the winner is that they are select fire in 99% of the world and are cheaper to make.

I hated my commercial Norinco early 90s SKS. These new ones give me a whole new appreciation for the well made Russian pattern ones.
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