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Originally Posted by Rob Pincus View Post

Surprised they are so low, honestly. What does Defoor/Vickers/Howe charge for their first level 2 day pistol courses?
Also, what are the class sizes? I limit mine to 12 students. I've seen some of the newer guys in the industry run classes with over 20 students at a time...
They charge mostly around $200 to $250 per day for either level classes.

Limiting classes has become an issue mostly in highly student-populated areas especially like Southern California. There are no absolutes. The same 2-day Kyle Defoor Advanced Handgun class in SoCal with 20+ students had only 12 in Florida within a few weeks of each other both costing $450.

Some who proclaim on limiting the number of students are in effect only capable of limited number of students period.

The trend is in more top tier instructors limiting their student count to 15 or less. This is a good thing. Hope this will continue in large urban areas.
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