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Originally Posted by TRICKSTER View Post
That usually means that they will actually ship the next business day (in your case Monday). Make sure someone will be home Tuesday morning to sign for them.
You are....Correct! They shipped yesterday and arrived this morning at 10:30.
I had to leave work when I saw them listed as being on the truck in Pacheco and out for delivery.
I opened one box. The other I'm saving for Christmas.
What I found was a Jan -1944 Springfield
BE = 1+
TE = 2+
The stock is dark and has quite a few beauty marks and looks to have seen a bit of action.
I'm very happy with what I got and with the pipe being tight, is just a bonus on this service grade.
I know I know, I'll post pic's in a while for you MilSup whores sitting there with wood in hand. -g
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