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Still very different courses... still the same relationship between CAT and ECQC. I don't teach a MUC type course. There are some aspects of MUC that address concerns I talk about int he CAT Book/DVD Lectures in regard to the traditional way that "awareness" and "focus" are addressed in training. Craig's version of moving & turning offline when approached, for example.

For those of you not familiar with this work from Craig, he covered a lot of it in a DVD we did together last year as part of the Personal Defense Network series.

CAT is about WHY you should train for being 'off balance' and HOW to go about doing that in a conceptual way. There really hasn't been anything like it offered before. It isn't like any physical course. It helps people learn about actual fights, how information gets processed, how learning is best done for the skills we need to develop and then some ideas on how to determine what gear and skills to collect. The home study course includes my new book, the CAT Lecture DVDs and workbook that helps you learn and apply the lessons and the some other material. After you've completed the work, you can take an online test (90% required for certificate of completion).

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