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Originally Posted by Clee View Post
Actually the instructor prices I quoted are also advanced course pricing with the exception being Vickers CQB courses which are significantly higher or McPhee Aerial shooting courses which obviously demand a higher cost.

Surprised they are so low, honestly. What does Defoor/Vickers/Howe charge for their first level 2 day pistol courses?
Also, what are the class sizes? I limit mine to 12 students. I've seen some of the newer guys in the industry run classes with over 20 students at a time...

Any chance of attending APH without the prerequisite CFS course?
No. It's a safety/technique issue. I don't want to take the time to have to teach ready position and presentation from the holster or have to worry about re-explaining certain course protocols and procedures. It takes away from the experience for those who are following on from CFS... and just eats time from an already full schedule. There would also be a lot of conceptual questions likely to come up that are addressed in CFS. I used to experiment with letting guys with long training resumes in, but it never works. CFS is a distinct methodology.

Have you taken SouthNarc ECQC course? If so I'd be intrested to see what you think of that compared to the Counter Ambush Course.
That's like saying "Have you taken a physics class from Stephen Hawking? I'll be interested in hearing what you think of the guitar lesson from Eddie Van Halen."
Craig's ECQC course compares with my ECQT Course... but the CAT Home Study course is conceptual. Honestly, it explains the need for either Craig's or my in-person Close Quarters classes....


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