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Originally Posted by kcbrown View Post
We can't afford a delay of 3 years (probability of losing at least one of the Heller 5 to death in that time frame: roughly 37%). I'd argue that we can't even afford a delay of 2 years (25% probability of losing a Heller 5 justice to death).
Have a think on this. There is an Obama super majority in the senate. Democrats are making noises about abolishing the filibuster. The Constitution does not specify the number of justices on the Supreme Court.

At least two presidents, Lincoln & FDR, have in the past gotten what they wanted out of SCOUTS by merely threatening to pack the court. Appoint two new justices and our 5-4 becomes 6-5, time is of the essence!

Look it up. It is true. Does anyone really put that kind of slimy crap past Obama?! Be afraid; then get off your butt and start writing checks and letters.
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