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Originally Posted by john16443 View Post
This Lee Turret Kit is all you need to get started and will take care of your needs unless you shoot/reload thousands of rounds a week. Then I'd say the Hornady LNL AP is the way to go. Here's a complete kit, just add dies and you're ready to go. Other items needed are listed as well.

Add this tumber for your brass: Crushed walnut media can be found at your local pet store, get the smallest particle size possible.

Add this disk kit for rifle if you need it:

Add your 223 dies of preference

Add this scale for ease of use:

Add a digital caliper from Harbor Freight ($10-$12) or a dial caliper from ebay for under $20 and you should be all set and ready to go.

Add another load reference like this one:
thanks! Have you ordered from the company you gave me the links to? (do you recommend them? ) thanks for the help, it looks about $300- $350 to get the supplies necessary
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