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Second post here. I'm 19, as are many people on this forum are apparently! I've been into firearms every since I was 6-8 years old. I always loved watching action movies with my dad, especially The Matrix. My mother is pretty much anti-gun, and my dad owns a .357 he plans to pass on to me when I turn 21. I bought my first gun, a Mossberg Maverick 88 a few weeks before my 19th birthday, then a Coast to Coast 22lr a few weeks after. I've always been fascinated by firearms, always wanted realistic games like Rainbow Six 3, SWAT 4, ARMA, but didn't get them often until I turned 15 or so and now I play them often. Sadly, none of my friends are as interested in firearms as I am. So I've been mostly alone on this journey. Nice thread topic!
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