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Pennys Dad said it really well. Movie Zombie too.

The first thing you can do to help your mom is to teach her to RUN!. Nothing she owns is worth her life, and the first thing she should be doing if someone breaks in is escape. If your dad is home and not mobile, this may not work for her.

The second thing she should be doing is reaching for her shotgun. I believe it is the best home defense item available and needs little training except for safe handling. It's 'point and shoot', like a camera. I have a twelve gauge that holds five shells and if .00 buck doesn't stop 'em, I'll reach for a handgun.

Last, do not buy her a gun for Christmas.
  • Get her to search her soul about whether she could actually kill a human being to protect herself or her husband. (Not scare them, not wing them. Kill them.) If she can't, she shouldn't have a gun.
  • Get her to go to a class (alone).
  • Get her to go handle guns at the gun shop on a slow day (alone),
  • Get her to go to a range and rent a couple guns (alone),
  • And then get her to tell you which gun shop she wants a gift certificate for.
All this happens while you watch football or something. If she can't do this process on her own, she shouldn't have a gun. Really.

Your best role in this is cheerleader and coach. But do NOT teach her to shoot yourself, a class is hands-down the best method.

And once she's picked a gun, but not bought it yet, tell her about ammunition and how well it goes through drywall.
Do only safe sex. Never have sex with someone crazier than you are.
Don't marry or move in together before you're both at least 25.
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Keep a handgun on your bedside table.
Don't smart-mouth judges, or cops who stop you on the road.

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