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Originally Posted by Kukuforguns View Post
Perhaps I need to be more explicit. The 7th Circuit's decision in McDonald (not to mention Chicago's laws) indicate that the 7th Circuit is not a friend of the RKBA. Nevertheless, following McDonald, the 7th Circuit issued the Ezell opinion, which is much less antagonistic to the RKBA. As you say, it ruled in favor of the RKBA. By issuing that order -- an order that is inconsistent with the perceived inclinations of the 7th Circuit -- the 7th Circuit swallowed a bitter pill. It did something it did not like -- it ruled in favor of the RKBA. In other words, Ezell is evidence for the proposition that, in the context of the RKBA, federal courts are able to put aside personal feelings.
At least some courts. The question is how pervasive this will be as SCOTUS issues more rulings that more clearly define the extent of the right.