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Originally Posted by taiwon View Post
so basically they're more lethal because they expand a lot more upon contact?
As the others have noted, they are supposed to be. However, while having either a hollow point or an exposed lead tip meets the letter of the law regarding expanding ammuntion for hunting, most of these 7.62 rounds use the same steel jackets as the regular FMJ rounds. That means that it doesn't normally expand all that well. I know several people that have taken game with them, and their experience is that it is almost the same as using FMJ bullets for hunting. Occasionally you may get a tear in the jacket, which will cause it to expand some, as well as cutting as it passes through tissue. But this is far from uniform expansion, and is very inconsistent. If you are getting it because it is cheap range ammo, go for it. I stocked up on the HP ammo just like it years ago because it was cheap. And it is fun to shoot. But if you are actually looking at using 7.62x39 for hunting, spend the little extra cash and get either American-made soft points, or the Seller and Bellot soft points. Those all use copper-jacketed bullets that are actually designed to expand.

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It's OK not to post when you have no clue what you're talking about.
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