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Originally Posted by Domingo View Post
I would like to get feed back from someone that own one and that they didn't hear it from a friend of friend who builds AR's. for daniel defence
give me some facts
I've repaired more than a few Hesse/Vulcan/Blackthorne weapons that would not run, both AR's and FAL's.

All would not run due to defects in parts and/or assembly (manufacture) by Hesse/etc./etc.

I don't have any friends I'm aware of at Daniel Defense. already noted you heard bad crap about the maker before you bought the gun, and you realized it's a cheap gun.

Kind of like buying a Yugo for your next car without heeding prior history from others.

Dumb, but I hope it shoots for you. Obviously, resale value is gonna' be a little sucko.

"Tactical" is like can sell anything with it....arf
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