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Originally Posted by Domingo View Post
I would like to get feed back from someone that own one and that they didn't hear it from a friend of friend who builds AR's. for daniel defence
give me some facts
I have one of their 308 uppers running on top of a Noveske N-6 lower. I had a lot of issues getting it to run somewhat reliably. Even now, after several years if tinkering and parts replacement/modification, it only runs "somewhat" reliably. I don't trust it for anything other than range use, and even then I bring a back up gun which more often than not I end up using. The biggest issue I ran into regarding the quality of the upper was the fitup of the gas block to the barrel. The seating area had lots of rough file marks right in the area where it seals around the gas port. The gas port was also drilled grossly oversized, at about 1/8" in diameter (should be about 1/2 that size on a 26" barrel) causing the rifle to be significantly over gassed. I've had many failures to feed due to the bolt cycling much faster than it needs to. The rifle is also extremely hard on brass, with the extraction process nearly ripping the rim off the case. Having said that, when the rife does decide to run, it's one of the most accurater AR's I've ever owned or shot. With decent ammo it will consistently put 5 rounds into 3/4" or less, typically around 3/8" to 1/2".
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