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Originally Posted by Domingo View Post
I would like to get feed back from someone that own one and that they didn't hear it from a friend of friend who builds AR's. for daniel defence
give me some facts
Would be hard pressed to find a Calgunner with a Vulcan - Hesse- blackthorne product because we look out for each other and help avoid these mistakes... If you need proof of the dishonest subpar business practices of the company, click the link provided above regarding chrome spray paint in chamber and barrel of one of their guns. Kill the deal and wash your hands reeeeaaal good to get the stink off, then go buy a rifle that was built by people that give a crap! No I'm not saying " Colt, BCM, DD, LMT , Noveske or bust!", but a smith n Wesson sport offers awesome value for the price and a lifetime warranty. When shopping for nearly anything costly, you have to try and get the best value for your$$$$, not buy the cheapest thing available .
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