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Default I need a little help for my mom

A recent break in at my parents house has sparked my mothers intrest in becoming proficient with protecting herself. She came home last Thursday night at about 11pm (she just left the hospital were my father was recovering from a stroke) and her house was completely ransacked. Everything out of the closets and dressers thrown on the floor, mattress flipped the whole nine yards. Needles to say she has come to an understanding that my father may not Always be there to protect her, that it took the sherrifs 9 minutes to get there and about 11 for me to arrive.
Her birthday is this month and in perfect time for Xmas I would like to buy her something too shoot that she could become comfortable and proficient with ( everything I own or my father owns would be a bit much for her) I say this because she's 55 is not very strong and has had multiple surguries on her left wrist and hand. (it's very week, and I don't believe she would comfortably be able to operate a slide) my instinct tells me .22 but I feel as though that might be slightly anemic, any ideas?
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