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Originally Posted by defcon View Post
im having that same issue right now with my Marlin 60. i disassembled it and i think something is misaligned or i accidently bent something because the hammer wont release after pressing the trigger. it was firing before and now i have to do more troubleshooting.
Ok....i havent been able to ever shoot my 795 because its spent all of its life in the factory repair shop. But my 60, it was so great right out of the box i refused to touch it for anything. Im shooting the living daylights out of this gun with no issues and im not modding anything.

Someone said these guns are cheap enough to be tinkering, kitchen table guns and i agree with that when at least the gun is in the hands of someone who enjoys the tinkering and knows how to backtrack their steps to get out of messes they voluntariliy created. Because of the serious safety issues involved Im not one of them, i just want to leave alone a clean reliable gun and enjoy the crap out of it.

To encourage you, look how many dumb people here got in huge messes and eventually figured it out and then became the experts everyone else went to for advice. Mess-making breeds knowledge. I would say take your 60 to a gunsmith but thats the non-tinkerer talking. Now you can stick with it yourself and become the expert others will go to later.
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