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Originally Posted by killshot44 View Post
Probably because it's one of the nicest places in the country to live.....

Lots of places to shoot, huge and active shooting community, multiple 1,000 yard ranges etc. Though PA has a big shooting community itself.
You gotta be kidding. Lots of places to shoot? Compared to places like Arizona where you can shoot on BLM land, at ranges much longer than 1000 yards, FOR FREE, Cali is a joke.

Carbon15, welcome to CA and watch those out for those Peninsula girls..... They're marrying kind.
Ugh, Bay area girls are dogs. You don't notice if you're stuck here for too long, but go out of state for a week and you are reminded of how bad it is here.

OP, your rifle is the Carbon-15, which is a named model (and therefore banned) when Professional Ordnance made it. Bushmaster bought the rights to manufacture it. Being a different manufacturer may make it legal, but it may also not be if the model name is the same. You are probably okay, but if you can swing a trade somehow for a different model before you move, it would be safer.
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