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Originally Posted by Dubels View Post
My Palmetto State Armory items have shipped!!! My upper package, lower parts build kit, and SSA-E trigger are on their way! One day over the 15 day business day processing period for the upper package but I am happy with that with all the Black Friday orders they must have gotten. Now I am just crossing my fingers that everything I ordered/need is in the packages.
Those "Your Order Has Shipped" emails are the best!! I ordered an A1 stock/handguard set from Numrich and slip-ring (precursor to the delta ring setup) and barrel barrel nut setup from Apex. Both orders shipped today. My RA package should be here as well. Ever since reading this thread, I've been reading more and more on the Geiselle offerings and man they look sweet... I just don't know if I can justify that kind of money for something I plan on using just short of out and out abuse. Haha. I've been looking at the ALG offerings, those are tuned by Geiselle apparently, and for $45-65, it seems like a nice improvement on the standard milspec LPK FCG. When I ordered from PSA (various ammo), they sent me an email saying one was out of stock and to ship the order in two shipments or hold it as one, no cost difference; I just waited for them to ship it all at once because I worried about something being left out or not making it in. I think the chances of them not notifying you AND there being something missing are slim to none. Worst case scenario, you call them, they make it right, and you wait a little longer- there can be worse fates.

Originally Posted by 65falconlover View Post
Newbie here, and I don't even own (yet) a "real" AR type rifle. I do have one of the Colt M4's in .22 cal but as you all know I'm sure that they cannot be upgraded to centerfire ammo. I'm interested in possibly building an AR in 5.56 but have no idea where to start and what I really would need.

I hear "upper" and "lower" and stripped lower, etc. and I do get that part based on the rifles design but for a beginner would it really be better building one or buying off-the-shelf for the first time? I'm a car guy so I have tools and know how to use them but I've never really tinkered with my firearms. Also, what are the main components besides those I mentioned? I know there are Uppers, Lowers and barrel but what other parts (unless there are too many to mention) are needed if you buy complete assembled parts, if that's even possible?

Sorry if this has been asked and answered a thousand times! If so can someone please direct me to the correct place to look?


This is my first AR build as well and I planned on doing the stripped lower/LPK/complete upper route but I either couldn't find what I wanted or it would be cost-prohibitive to even start it due to me changing parts out, so really the only route for me is to build it from individual parts. I'm in the same boat as you as doing work on my cars and have family/friends that are machinists and metal workers so I think you should be ok. Look up the TM/FM for the M16 (a lot of PDFs of it floating around on the internet) and browse through it. Honestly, a lot of it reads like a Bentley service manual; honestly, it can't be any worse than working on a water-cooled VW. Worst case, I have CG/friends/family to help. Read through the links Dubels posted, check the TM/FM, and look at the Brownells AR assembly videos online and get a feel on how you think you stack up with it. There's going to b a learning curve with this, but luckily there seems to be a large enough informed community to help with it.
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