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I take at least 300 Lbs of stuff when I go to an outdoor range. That includes 6 sand bags, 2 lead bags, a horse blanket to put on the bench. Spotting scope, tripod, lead sled, BIG bag "O" tools, Duct tape to hold the blanket to the bench if it blows, steel rifle rest, at least 5 pistols and minimum 5 rifles if I am running light. Maybe a shotgun for sheeits and grins. PLUS all the other stuff the guys above me suggested.

NOTE: I dont haul all of my stuff to the firing line. I keep some of the stuff in the truck.

Everything I own is in either in range bags or hard cases. Each one is clearly marked.

I don't ever have to borrow anything. And I get to loan out stuff to people in need. That makes fast friends. very fun........
Dam near anyone can shoot my guns for free if they act cool. Especially the young ones. Most of em haven't pulled the trigger on a Remy 700 target rifle with a 2 ounce trigger and a huge Nightforce with long sun shade sitting on top.. Or a fiber opticed Glock. Thats the fun of sharing. I love the smiles.

Definitely bring snack food or samiches and water.
I know i will be there at least 5 hours minimum. Probably more like 6 or 7 hours. It is a whole day deal for me. And yes... I am overkill on everything.


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