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Originally Posted by Maestro Pistolero View Post
I see nothing in Gene's first post that remotely resembles a dig. What folks posted after went down a now all too familiar road here at CG.
Thursday morning, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issued an order in both Richards and Peruta stating the following:
Factual, not a dig

Later that day, Alan Gura responded with this 28j Letter (attachment 1, 2 and 3.)
Factual, not a dig

Some of you have heard some of us remind that one should not lightly take on the task of challenging laws under the Second Amendment. This development tends to be evidence of why we say that.

A direct dig at Peruta and his counsel, and not thinly veiled, either.
Those acting in the public interest assume obligations of accountability and transparency. Retroactively redefining goals while claiming — yet refusing to disclose — some “master plan” is just the opposite. So is viciously trashing anyone who questions your judgment. -navyinrwanda