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Originally Posted by Kestryll View Post
Here's a thought, why don't we focus on the topic and leave the digs at each other and snide remarks at the door.

That way I don't have to delete a thread that has serious value and potential.
With all due respect Kestryll, this thread was started with the full intent of it turning into a dig. It's not that difficult to read between the lines here. If you don't want that type of content on the site, perhaps the best course of action is to delete the thread.

With regards to those that suggest the paperwork issue might result in the case(s) being remanded, I suggest that you go back and read what the real (as opposed to amateur) attorneys have posted in this thread.
Those acting in the public interest assume obligations of accountability and transparency. Retroactively redefining goals while claiming — yet refusing to disclose — some “master plan” is just the opposite. So is viciously trashing anyone who questions your judgment. -navyinrwanda