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Originally Posted by Domingo View Post
I been searching and I did find a lot of negative about Vulcan
Ill find out, if i got taken when I get it out
The riffle that I bought was the non polymer and it takes detachable mags.
Everything looks good ill report back when I get it out of jail till then continue the bashing
Since I didn't spend more $$$ for a ar but this not going to be a beauty queen
Is a cheap gun
Not trying to be rude, but if you read all the negative press and probably have not heard much good , why did you still buy it? No one is bashing you for not spending $$$$ on an AR, I think the collective mindset is why cheap out on a rifle, when for less than 200.00 more you could have bought a Smith & Wesson, del-ton, or the like that have warranties and solid reputations? Good luck and I hope they accidentally sold you a good one!
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