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The reality is we've had multiple attempts to explain what this all means and possible outcomes. The reason we've had people try to decipher what is going on? Because this thread isn't about a court case, guns, the Second Amendment, rights, lawyers, education, or leadership. It wasn't started to keep people informed on the issues. that wasn't the intent.

This thread is a few guys running around the gun world hitting other pro-gunners with their purse becuase they're all emotional. Oh, and their little sister Brandon who wants to be one of the cool-guys too so he jumps on with his creative little snide remarks.

This thread is not productive it is counterproductive. This thread doesn't help. It hinders. It doesn't lead. It divides. The guys I am talking about have done some fantastic things to benefit Second Amendment rights, but when they get petty and Jr. High cheerteam like's bad for everyone and everything everyone here is working to accomplish.

So let them have their little hissy fit, but ignore it. It's a waste of time. Get involved some other way instead.