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Originally Posted by mosinnagantm9130 View Post
I'm a decent shot, but I've had women I taught to shoot literally an hour before out shoot me. This is one of the few times I actually enjoy getting out shot, when someone who I taught beats me
I have had a female friend of mine who legitimately wanted to join in on a range session pick it up very quickly when we went. We shot .22 pistols at first and then I let her shoot a 9mm. As soon as she pulled the trigger on the 9mm the first time, she was hooked and wanted to shoot it a lot more (I started her off we a single round in the mag in case it was too much and she bump fired). Funny thing about that trip was I warned her to wear a shirt that covered up her cleavage (she was very well endowed) and unfortunately she forgot. A round did indeed go down her shirt! Ouch!

Her focus was incredible and she was extremely safety conscious. Not once did I have to remind her about finger off the trigger or muzzle awareness. She was a true example that women are excellent multi-taskers.

I didn't mind having to pay close attention either, as I do with everyone that is with me, since she was wearing a pair of nearly stiletto black leather boots. I didn't expect that at all, but she had no problems getting a decent stance.
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