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Originally Posted by rrengineer View Post
Received a letter from the FBI today acknowledging the receipt of my application for appeal. They told me it was placed into the appeal file for processing in order. They also said they are working on appeals from September at the moment. I guess it will be a couple of months at least to get a decision. I included a letter from the California DOJ saying I was eligible to buy guns here I got earlier this year. Hope that helps. That being said, I got my Del-Ton AR Sporter out of jail today. It just seems bass ackwards that the Peoples Republic of Kalifornia will allow me to buy and possess, but the FBI is having troule OKing me!
Even more bass ackward that you're cleared to get your eeeeeeeeevil AR out of jail, but a 50+ year old Garand with no evil features to be seen? Forget about it!

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