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Default Low 223 velocity.

Good evening Calgunners!

With my recent purchase of a chrony... I have more questions!

ATM I am shooting my reloads through a 14.5 inch 1x7 twist barrel. Reloads are made from once fired LC brass mixed with some PMC 223 pick ups. Sized and trimmed to spec, loaded with 22.7 gr of H335 shooting a 55 gr Hornady FMJ-BT w/c.

I set my chrony about 10 feet away, like the instructions says, shot about 30 rds through it and i'm seeing an average of 2430-2460 fps. In the Hornady reloading manual, it lists 22.5 gr of H335 at 2500 fps.

At the moment I'm just paper punching and attempting to hit some steel targets at 600 and below. So the low fps isn't that big of a deal to me. I've seen around 3100 fps out of factory XM193 rounds. My question is... How can I get that far if the max in the Hornady manual is listed at 23.5 gr at 2600 fps?

I realize factory XM193 rounds don't use H335. Has anyone loaded H335 up to 3100 fps? If I ever wanted to load up to that, should I just keep adding powder in .1/.2 increments until I see signs of over pressure? Ejector snare, popped primers and craters. Seems a bit dangerous to me but I'm stupid enough to try!

On a side note, the manual also shows 23.2 gr of H335 at 3100 fps BUT that's out of a 26" 1x12 twist barrel.

Sorry for the newb question, and thanks in advance!
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