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Originally Posted by Fate View Post
Just to nitpick. They claim it is "CA legal." Which it is (in certain configurations). Not, "legal on a featureless." Big difference. But I digress...
I have read and heard different versions about it Not being a CA defined flash hider.

Nevertheless, if a for profit manufacturer wants to set the record straight, make a video attaching their compliance product in CA.

I don't expect Magpul to do this for the AFG since they are not making claims for CA compliance but if you are, what is the harm? FWIW I think Solar Tactical has videos of him shooting his grip wrapped AKs...

Seeing the owner of BattleComp screw on one of their compensators on a featureless non reg AW in CA would set the record straight for me on how strongly they believe what type of weapon configuration it can be placed on.

Seeing it for this stock would leave no doubt for me of their conviction for their products compliance with CA laws.

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