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Depends on what I wear, but usually when not at work, or in home, I use CrossB and RavenC holsters to conceal, but I always dress to conceal, I dress around my guns. I am pretty short too :P and curvy because I have booty and boobs, but super smart waist. So often times good option I find, is the VGuard from Raven, very good imo.

As to what someone ^ said about being in desert and bag carrying due to spouse shape and etc. Its ok better to carry in some way then not at all, and sometimes I have to carry in a bag as well, simply because I have to wear a short or such that may not acc raven concealment :P

For when running, I've been using a HillsPeople chest rig, uses a vanguard to retain the fire arm, also the SCOUT model allows for webbing, so I usually have london bridge trading co pistol pouches in front, to hold reloads, a light, and a small first aid kit, I usually carry a fair amount of kit on me when I run, or when I am just out in general so cc along with other essentials for me, isn't a problem. Just have to dress appropriately and be of the mindset. Remember CC isn't something to take lightly, isn't just for protection.

Be aware of printing, or clothing lift, bag carry may not be an ideal carry option but if you have a cinched and secured bag against your body, your weapon is very very concealed lol. I have a few custom bags I've had made to conceal my weapon when I am out at something more formal. I use a Filsons bag and a LV bag for example, I have had then restitched and done, to hold pouches for magazines, as well secure my fire arm...

You dont have to wear/carry an uber tactical screaming webbing covered bag like Maxpedition or the undercover supercop 5.11 stuff. Anyways have a good one~
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