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Hey everyone, thank you for the responses. AFAIK the lower receiver is not the same as the Bushmaster Assault Rifle or the XM15. So adding the bullet button will be dandy in order for me to keep this rifle. If anyone else reads this an can verify for me further that would be swell.

It pretty much looks like the 3rd rifle down on this page.

No forward assist and no ejection port cover.

Did someone say something about walking around naked?!? lol I will be living around the Redwood City area south of SF. Having a hard time finding a place to live, rents are so damn high!

Anyone know anyone that has a decent place in the area willing to rent to a single guy with two 40 lb mutts?

I have no problem taking apart my 30 round clips while I am in CA.

CA is a beautiful state, great scenery and landscape, great weather, great food, cute women. What more could a single guy ask for? Well except ****ty gun laws. I am also licensed to carry in PA. In PA we do not need a permit to open carry, but we need a permit to conceal. It only costs like 5 bucks for 5 years for the permit. I was looking into a permit for CA and some areas (if you can even get one) charge about $250-$500 a year! WTF?!?

The state is a gang of thieves writ large...
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