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Originally Posted by mixicus View Post
To the OP:

If you need the POST cert, make sure the course you take is 'POST approved' with a CA POST control number. Some courses may claim to be 'consistent with' or 'POST curriculum' but that is not the same if a dept requires a POST cert. Some instructors (maybe even POST certified themselves) may use material from a POST course and teach it on their own but that does not make for a certified course.

You can go to the CA POST website and look in the training section to confirm if a course/organization has a control number for that course.
Thanks. I ended up going there and seeing it. My next chance will be after the first of the new year. I think I will be giving SBD a call though because they might let me in. Even though I do not need it for a position anymore, I still want it because I think it might make me a half notch more marketable and what could it hurt to possibly meet some new folks and maybe new employer if I do not have a job by then. If it is being offered by a police department or sheriff's department it SHOULD be a legit class right? I will double check on a POST CA control number. That is good to keep in mind.

Thanks again!
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