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It will be an interesting first test case if it does go to court.

Not sure if that test video was taken in California. Probably was.

If the confidence level is high, the manufacturer could post a video of himself taking a AR15 upper without features, then taking a non mag locked non registered AW lower (S&W, BCM, WW etc ...) removing the collapsible stock, remove the pistol grip, then attach his new stock to lower, then attaching the lower to the upper. All this would need to be done in California.

Then, if no charges are filed by the DOJ or DA, the perception of legality would greatly increase.

I kind of wish the guys from Battlecomp would do the same thing with their comp since they claim it is gtg on a featureless yet others have their doubts as it could be a FH.

Not sure if any one wants to be the first to take the challenge.
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