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Originally Posted by bwiese View Post
I bought a new Armalite AR10 16" flattop upper with chrome-lined barrel for $600+ish + tax at recent SF Cow Palace gunshow.

Had to spend a few $$ more for sights - had a flattop receiver and Pic rail front sight/gas block.

This upper goes on my Armalate AR10 RAW lower to sometimes replace the 20" A2 upper

Armalite uppers do not really work on DPMS/Fulton etc lowers - nor vice versa. (Noveske N6, AeroPrecision, Aircraft Armament (limited production) all make Armalite-compatible lowers.)

So you should be able to build a $1100ish AR10 if you can get a receiver for a few hundred bux.
Thanks, Bill. Yea - I also forgot to mention that the Armalite pattern is preferred. I'll see if I can find an N6 lower somewhere.
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