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Default Raymond's setup

Originally Posted by RaymondMillbrae View Post
Maybe it's my poor computer skills, maybe it's te Granola I ate this morning with soy milk...but I cannot find the post (if there is one) to see pictures of folks reloading set-up's.

If there is one, it sure would be easier to find if it was in the RELOADING SECTION of this forum. (Duh).

Like I said, it's probably just me. are a few pictures of my set-up.

The desk was designed and built by myself, and it is located in my office.

I have a Dillon XL650, and a Hornady 366 Auto shotshell loader.

Shoot with a purpose.

In Christ: Raymond

PS: You should consider making this a sticky thread.

PSS: If you don't have pictures, please don't waste our time by "describing" your reloading bench. Let's keep this an "eye candy" thread.

Raymond, I don't recall how to find the reloading bench pictures but they are here abouts somewhere. I was just admiring your awesome set up. Well built and quite organized. Thank you brother.

Also in Christ: Mark
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