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Newbie here, and I don't even own (yet) a "real" AR type rifle. I do have one of the Colt M4's in .22 cal but as you all know I'm sure that they cannot be upgraded to centerfire ammo. I'm interested in possibly building an AR in 5.56 but have no idea where to start and what I really would need.

I hear "upper" and "lower" and stripped lower, etc. and I do get that part based on the rifles design but for a beginner would it really be better building one or buying off-the-shelf for the first time? I'm a car guy so I have tools and know how to use them but I've never really tinkered with my firearms. Also, what are the main components besides those I mentioned? I know there are Uppers, Lowers and barrel but what other parts (unless there are too many to mention) are needed if you buy complete assembled parts, if that's even possible?

Sorry if this has been asked and answered a thousand times! If so can someone please direct me to the correct place to look?


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