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Originally Posted by Abesnake View Post
No, TPT, people did kill to survive, but we don't have to anymore. People have evolved and dramatically increased in number.
"We don't have to anymore?" Really? Ummm, you do realize that we now have farms, businesses and corporations that solely deal in the business of mass animal death. They are called "slaughter houses." "Farmer John" is a big one, maybe you've heard of them before? Yes, we have evolved "dramatically," as you've correctly pointed out. Now, it's more streamlined in the animal massacre food procurement process now. I guess if you don't see or do the killing yourself, it's okay with you then to eat that steak or hot dog, right? Or how about wearing those leather work gloves or your wife's leather purse you bought her as a gift? Is that okay?

Originally Posted by Abesnake
Animal populations have dwindled everywhere, because of us.
I'm sorry, but I'd agree with you if you were right. Did you know that the North American white tailed deer population is actually larger now than it was 100 years ago? There is a difference between "preservation" and liberal thinking of a dwindling species vs. "conservation" and species survival and growth.

Not only deer, but the waterfowl population has exploded in the past 60 years, thanks to carefully thought out managed and LEGAL hunting conservation. Through proper game management (ie legal HUNTING), the North American gator population has EXPLODED!!!!! For bobcats, why do you think in California a hunter can take 5 (FIVE) bobcats per year and not just one???? Why, because there are plenty of them. I will continue to take their fur, use it and leave the rest of the body to naturally turn itself into "jerky" to feed the coyotes, ravens, CONDORS and insects...... Which, by the way I'll hunt those fat lazy coyotes later, to boot and wind up killing some of those insects with bug spray!

Originally Posted by Abesnake
At least donate what you don't want to eat to Hunters for Hunger and feed someone else.
Tell ya what. You come with me on my next hunt and after I skin a coyote, I'll let you collect the rest of the animal and you find a place that will take it as a donation and serve it up "BBQ style" or whatever.

You do realize that you're in a pro HUNTING forum, right? Please don't come on here trying to insult me with anti-hunting hate and intolerance.

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