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Originally Posted by Shane916 View Post
Check out Wes at LFI. You will not be disappointed. He is highly regarded and you will do the course and qualify at Sac valley shooting center. He is on calguns as well "ccw trainer"
Yeah, i've heard quite a bit about LFI. My brother wants me to go with him to take some of the advanced courses, but i'd rather spend my money on all the CCW stuff right now first. Still debating if i want to spend the extra change now for some of the more xpensive classes, and they usually offer some kind of free re-quals or what not, or spend less with CSTA and pat for future re-quals. Decisions. Financially though, the more expensive one now, makes the most sense.

Originally Posted by harbinger007 View Post
esy, Yankeeshooter won't do Sacramento because he only does 8 hours of training. I had used him before and talked to the deputy when I went in for renewal and he told me quite a bit about this issue as he had signed training forms before saying that he had provided 16 hours of training when it was really only 8. The deputy told me that they met (or communicated) with him several times trying to get him to agree to provide the training they required but he refused. He's not black-listed, just not willing to provide the required training. I used Wes for my renewal training last month and it was a good class. Sacramento Valley Shooting Center also does some classes and I would imagine they are pretty good.
Makes sense. Thanks for that.
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