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I might be wrong but I am under the impression that the poster works for a firm that represents the N.R.A. Most my family who live in Indiana are N.R.A. members. So indirectly, my family is paying for this. So by you guys I mean the N.R.A. and their counsel. They are extremely intelligent attorneys with large resources and training. Those resources and training are in large part provided by the American people via donations. They should live up to that trust.

Gray Look I am not exactly in a position to criticize a San Diego based attorney for filing a 1983 lawsuit challenging a state's firearms regulations despite having no experience and I probably should not have started posting this stuff. Its just when I was growing up I'd go to Huntington Indiana every summer and spend it at my grandparents house. My uncle would take me shooting. Back then the N.R.A. was America's Superman making sure we could still run through the woods with our rifles. Its disappointing to see my vision from childhood dispelled.

If what was essentially a pro se litigant successfully litigated this issue for half a year and forced a suit which now gives California a second chance if the Court follows the 2nd Circuit and says prior restraint is not appropriate when there is not unbridled discretion good on him. I'll buy him a beer if I see him around town.

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