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Originally Posted by View Post
is "solipsist" latin for brain surgeon?

clearly i am not disputing the facts of this. of course it actually happened.
i am dismissing the opinions and insults in the comments that followed. and suggesting time is better spent for our cause by bringing new people into the fold rather than sitting around reading internet gossip and getting caught up in the agendas of three men.
The only agenda here is to show examples to the wider world of why duplicative, unnecessary, and unwarranted lawsuits by people who are not competent in strategic civil rights litigation, endangers all of our freedoms and liberties.

When it comes to litigation, NRA-ILA aligned persons such as Chuck Michel, Paul Clement, and Steven Halbrook has done a tremendous amount of professional discourtesy, and done terrible jobs at protecting 2A-related civil liberties.

From the beginning, NRA-ILA aligned civil litigators did everything possible to keep what was to become District of Columbia v. Heller (it was called Parker v. District of Columbia at the time), including filing sham litigation that was Seegars v. Ashcroft. That was Stephen Halbrook. They then later twice tried to get Congress to repeal the DC handgun ban, mooting the case. Only Virginia Tech stopped that train.

Fast forward a year. They (NRA-ILA) file unnecessarily duplicative litigation against the city of Chicago, using themselves as the lead plaintiffs, interfering at every step with McDonald v. City of Chicago

Paul Clement, in professional discourtesy, told the Supreme Court, in his position as former Solicitor General of the United States, now on behalf of the NRA, that Gura did not argue enough on substantive due process, which was provably false. The NRA's view did not gain them 5 votes in the Supreme Court, as Justice Thomas would not have joined a substantive due process ruling and we would have lost.

It is believed that certain personalities that control the NRA was afraid of the penumbras of civil liberties that a resurrected P&I clause in the 14th amendment would engender.

NRA ILA against the 18-21 year old bans on purchasing handguns from an FFL, and carry between 18-21, before even the carry issue was resolved. These cases should have never been pursued.

They get the rare wins, like Shawn Gowder in Chicago, which netted the NRA lawyers $125K. When NRA-ILA got a check from the City of Chicago for $1.3 million dollars, they got it because Gura made the argument that got the magic 5th Justice that was needed in McDonald (That would be Justice Thomas).

Benson v. City of Chicago, total handgun sales ban & 8 other things. Mr. Gura & Mr. Sigale were able to get the total range ban tossed and give strong precedent in the 7th Circuit. NRAILA's Bensen litigation is still in a quagmire down below.

ILA generally doesn't know how to litigate, because they are the institute for LEGISLATIVE action.

When you have a long history of litigation failures, it only informs what is going on with the Peruta litigation.

Also, litigation in re the state AB962 litigation. Yes we as gun owners won the preliminary injunction, but there was such sloppiness after the injunction that despite usually getting attorneys fees under the California fee recovery statute, Michel & Associates did NOT get their fees back, which means the money doesn't go back to the NRA-ILA & CRPAF.

Unfortunately, the NRA-ILA does stupid things for fundraising purposes, and continually rewards failure. It's no wonder they parachuted in Clement.

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