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Guys, this is all some personal agenda crap. This is some kind of smear campaign. The evidence is that the first 4 posts on this thread were from Gene, Brandon, and Gray, all three of them are hanging in there to do nothing more than trash a couple people (who you'd think would be considered all on the same progun team), they aren't giving all the facts, this Fabio guy has a whole different story...

I don't know what is going on here, but it is all someone's agenda. Don't let them make you part of their agenda. I only know what is on this thread, but I can smell the BS right through the computer screen. Disregard this entire thread and move on. We could use far fewer jr-wanna-be-lawyers and Hoffman sycophants and far more activists.

Back away from the calguns and go teach some people how to shoot and/or volunteer for a pro-gun politician or candidate. The rest of this is all a waste of time.

Spare us the conspiracy theories.

You say talking about the facts surrounding a case that is public record and asking questions about it is a smear campaign, and then proceed to talk trash.

You obviously need to follow your own advice...