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Originally Posted by mroels View Post
Markleys in Watsonville has components, and from what I've bought there the prices are decent.

Eta: didn't realize thread was old and you've obviously already got everything.
Sorry about the old thread bump, I actually found it again after asking a bunch of questions in another thread. I'll check Markleys next time I'm down that way. Still keeping an eye out for decently priced local supplies.

Originally Posted by moyneur View Post
I would also add Lee factory crimp die to the list. I find the the seating/crimping die sometimes damages the casing, set the seatting die a little higher so it does not crimp them crimp in a separately. For my pistols & 7.62x39 I been using a Lee 4 hole turret press w/ auto indexing and find that it make reloading less of a hassle changing out dies.
Turret press may be in my near future, but I'm taking it one stage at a time right now.

I really wasn't sure how to tell if the rounds I made were adequately crimped. With the higher powered ones, I fired 3-4 of the set, unloaded the last two, and checked to see if OAL had changed. Any definite way of determining how much crimp to put on them, or is it again trial and error?
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