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Originally Posted by bigbossman View Post
Nice pigs, and you sure worked for them! I used to hunt there pretty frequently, until my hunting buddy up and moved out of state several years ago.

You made a good choice on hiking in - I once got my 4x4 Power Wagon stuck pretty good in that gumbo. It looks deceiving, like it's no big deal - hen your tires get packed up with it and they turn into slicks.

I miss hunting pigs there, and just now joined this forum in part to investigate pig hunting opportunities. I live up in San Ramon, so if anyone is close and wants to team up to hunt some pigs, I'm your guy.
That's exactly what was happening and what made us stop. We were both in 4WD trucks but even in 4 hi, I was sliding all over the place. I had been warned extensively by those more experienced at FHL about getting stuck. I didn't wanna spend my trip digging myself out so we made the command decision to hump in and out.

If I'm ever in your area, I'll take you up on your offer. I welcome every opportunity to hunt with new guys, you can learn something from every one.

Originally Posted by spectr17 View Post
You know a rookie isn't properly broke in at FHL until your frame deep in mud on an off camber hillside with a 200 ft straight down drop and the forecast is heavy rain all weekend.

Just sayin.
I'll wear that rookie title with pride then. I'd rather walk 5 mi with 90 #s of waterlog and dead hog on my back then spend 4 hours digging myself out of something that could have been avoided in the first place. Getting stuck is no fun and neither is spending $200 for a rescue or asking others to help you dig yourself out because you didn't take heed to the warnings issued to you.

That said, I'm sure that I will eventually get stuck. I'll get more confident each time as I get to know the roads and one day find myself buried in soft sand asking other JHO'ers to help in digging so I don't have to drop $200 on a tow truck. I'll avoid that as long as I can though.
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