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Default PA possibly moving to CA, SF Bay Area.

Hey everyone. My name is Lars, I currently live in North Eastern, PA and might very well be moving to CA in Jan. 2013 for work. I own a Bushmaster Carbon 15 rifle. We have pretty lax firearm laws in PA. I have been researching the CA laws regarding ar-15 rifles. I searched this site and a few others and I even read the flow chart. Everything seems to point me in the direction that my stock carbon 15 rifle is 'illegal' in CA, WTF?!?

From what I have deciphered, correct me if I am misunderstanding this. In order for my legal in PA Bushmaster Carbon 15 rifle to be 'legal' to possess in my residence in CA, I would only need to install a bullet button to replace the stock magazine release? Installing this changes the status of the rifle as an illegal unregistered assault weapon.

A friend of mine is a gun dealer in FL and he was telling me that I had to also lose the pistol grip.

I can deal with only having 10 round magazines or using a 10/30 magazine if I wanted it to 'look like' it has a 30 round mag attached.

I was also going to purchase a Taurus Judge .45 lc/.410 handgun until I found out because of the rotating cylinder and the capacity to fire the shotgun shell with a 2" barrel, this would be classified as an AW and a sawed off shot gun.

The more I learn about CA, especially the gun laws, the less I want to relocate there. Any help would be appreciated.
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