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Originally Posted by robtech View Post
i just picked em up at the last gunshow as kits and just kinda tossed em in for a pic and to see how they fit while wearing it (if the admin pouch gets in the way etc...if it got in the way it would have to go) but just playing commando in my house the tacos hold the mags great and with no adjustment they hold my pmags and GI mags for the ar just as far im sold on em, i dont like dealing with flaps and straps and velco to get to my reload...once the rest of the pieces come in i'll post an updated pic
I put a similar sized TT general purpose pouch above my mags. I was hitting it pulling out my mags, so I removed it. I also tried a few other things I have, but I like it better empty above the mags.

I was also hitting pouch I put on my right side without my pistol as I draw it from my belt. So I stripped down my belt today and I stripped down my carrier today because I'm going to invest in Taco's. I have plans for an AR build soon and I'd like to use the same carrier + pouches regardless of what rifle I'm running.

Overall, I'm just not happy with the placement of pouches and such. I'm trying to remain light weight, low profile, and without bulk in case I need to crawl or otherwise hit the dirt. Too many people run too much crap on their rigs.

I will get some pictures up after I put more thought into and get some use out of my setup.
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