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Originally Posted by DR296 View Post
If you compare my 80s version of the model 94 to what I handled today? Granted I have never fire mine but just the fit and feel. Absolutely sub-par. Part of the reason I want a Lever Action is because of the History. Made In Japan takes away from that.
I am getting a late start with Hunting as I am Middle Aged but I want to start out with a Lever Action and Iron Sites like our Fore Fathers
Actually, our (meaning American... not my) forefathers waged war on these shores with British Brown Bess muskets.

But as to firearm production being outsourced, I suppose that yes, it does take something away from the nostalgic value of the rifle. Does that make the quality of the rifle any worse? Of course not.

Almost everything nowadays (domestic or imported) see very little by way of hand fitting anymore. Look at the price of a Les Baer or Ed Brown in comparison to a Springfield Armory or Kimber. You're paying for that extra work.

If Miroku (or Winchester) were to put that much work into each one of their rifles, you'd be looking at similar pricing for their rifles.

Originally Posted by RugerNo1 View Post
FNH Belgium makes Winchester and Browning shotguns.
Absolutely. FNH make's Winchester's autos, the pumps are made in Turkey, and their O/Us are/were made by Miroku. Their rifles are also made in both Turkey and Japan. I don't know what Winchester actually manufactures anymore.

If the OP wants something made by Winchester in the U.S., he's got to be looking at something vintage.
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