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I remember shortly after joining the Navy getting my first microeconomics lesson. It was the early 80's and Japan was kicking our asses in the automotive arena. I was ragging on all the "Jap" cars to my fellow sailors (I was born in Detroit and grew up steeped in Motor City Muscle). After I had gone on for 10 minutes or so, one of my shipmates asked me:

"Rorge, let's say you make a product, a product that at one time was a good product, but now it's just total crap. Let's also say that people keep buying your product even though it's crap, just like they did when it was good. Tell me, what incentive is there for you to improve your product? Why change? Why bother?"
This guy had me. It wasn't long before I realized that I would actually be doing a disservice to my country by buying American, when American products were crap. I had a responsibility to buy the best products - Japanese or otherwise - so that those producing inferior products (at the time, Ford, Chevy, and Chrysler) would take notice, and start making products of their own worthy of purchase.


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