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Originally Posted by A Fatal Err View Post
It's funny how quick you guys are to bash the ND Ribbon. You realize that you only get this ribbon for having the balls to sign during a time of war...

Oh and matt, most grunts (not fobbits) carry a holdout m4 mag on their butt-stocks.
It’s a ribbon that is duplicated by what other ribbons imply.

GWOT says you were active during the global war on terror. The Afgan or Iraq ribbons say WHERE you were deployed, and not having one says you weren’t deployed.

Having an AIT ribbon says you graduated AIT, but anyone that has GWOT would have already graduated in order to serve active duty. So the rainbow ribbon is also a duplicate ribbon.

Essentially, anyone 30 days out of AIT and active duty gets one entire row as a freebie. Reservists won’t get the GWOT until they get orders that are 30 consecutive days or more (or deployed of course).

Having “only” the ND to me means the guy washed out of the Army, and didn’t complete either BCT or AIT. Otherwise he would have branded his car with a more specific award representative of his service.

However, the ND is the highest award new soldiers will have for some time until they get an achievement medal or better (even the good conduct supersedes it). If someone ends their military service with the ND being their highest award then something is amiss.
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