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Originally Posted by NastyNate View Post
My AR15 is chambered in .223 and although, I could probably drop a hog with that, it would take a very well placed shot in the head as I don't have confidence that .223 would penetrate their gristle plate. Although the AR10 is heavy, .308 will drop anything that I plan to hunt, including bear, where the 6.8 effectiveness on game leaves a lot to be desired. It was either a .308 bolt action or SA, the SA won because of the ability for faster follow up shots.

I was making a joke because I sell AR15's specifically for hunting. Nothing wrong with your rifle. I agree with you. The way I see it, why shoot a bolt action when we now can produce semi-autos that are just as precise. Modern semi-autos offer everything a bolt action can and more.
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