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Originally Posted by spectr17 View Post
Nate, you worked for them hawgs so part luck and part hard work, that mud is nasty. It also really helps to pair up or get help from the hunters that know FHL. I know one famous CA hog writer who claims every time I see him that there are no hogs at FHL to hunt. I think he does what many do and drives and walks in areas that just don't hold pigs. OTOH, I've seen pigs just driving to and from my TA. L2H and XD are about the best I've seen at FHL for wacking pigs consistently, they know their stuff.

Prez holiday weekend we do an annual hunt too, Feb 11th I think it is this year. 3 days of fun, try to make that one too.
I'll be there for that. I have 5 kids at home, the youngest is a NB and the oldest 10. My chances to slip away are very limited but have struck a deal with wifey that allows me 1 hunt/quarter. I'm sure I could work it out so that I could get up there for 2/11/2013.

This time, I'll bring an AK.

Originally Posted by Mr. Gillious View Post
Damn I can't wait. Just curious, what else did you see out there besides your pig? Coyote, rabbits, etc?

I'd like to know so I know which guns to bring.

We didn't cover much ground yesterday but the TA I was in, I saw rabbits, squirrels, deer, lots of yote and cat signs but no sightings. I'd bring a rifle and a shotgun for starters and a bow if you have it.
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